The biggest esculpture build with 3D Printers

On past November 21 it has been released in the Opera of Montreal Elektra opera with great success of audience and critics. On the stage dominated by a huge sculpture of more than 7 meters, and the singers move above and is practically the only piece of scenery in the whole opera.  

3d printing  3d printing  3d printing

This sculpture weighs 2,400 kg and is made up of 2,900 parts made with 3D printers. These plates are assembled and glued together to form the skin of the sculpture and wrapping an internal aluminum frame.

Undo Prototipos are spanish specialists in 3D printing and have made the sculpture along with sculptor Victor Ochoa, father of the child. In the manufacturing process we have coordinated several teams that have been commissioned to carry out the different parts of the sculpture.

Initially there has been a 3D scan of the original sculpture created by Victor Ochoa and obtained a 3D CAD file. From this 3D file we designed exterior and interior frame parts, dividing the sculpture in 7 different levels. Each levels are divided into 30 plates about each and these plates are divided into pieces for entering 3D printers. There are more than 2,900 pieces assembled between them and are mounted on the aluminum frame.

Scanner 3D  Scanner 3D  Scanner 3D

Once we assembled the pieces were applied them different surface finishing to protect the piece and give them the desired color and texture finishes.

3D prototyping  3D prototyping  3D prototyping

There has been a pre-assembly of the entire sculpture in Madrid to make sure everything fit into place and also to verify that the entire sculpture can be assembled or disassembled in just two days.

We moved entire sculpture dismounted to Montreal where it has been reassembled and put the final finishing to prepare for the stage.

3D prototyping  3D prototyping  3D prototyping

On stage singers can go under the sculpture and underfoot as it is ready. Likewise, the sculpture hangs from the top and can rotate. During the course of the work, Elektra is turning sculpture and showing it to the audience from all angles.

3D Factory  3D Factory  3D Factory

To make the sculpture we have needed seven months of hard work by a total of 100 people in the different teams involved in the project phases. We used 10 3D printers that five months have been working 24 hours a day. They have consumed more than 400kg 3D Printer filament.

Since Undo want to thank the effort of all workers, Victor Ochoa team with Ms. Eva Cano leading it and other partner companies has enabled us to make this great project.